Elizabeth J White's Gallery   -   Artist Biography

Hey There

I am a self taught artist in SC , I was born into a military family, we traveled often

I was born the middle of three children, my mother said once, she believed i was a artist

in the womb , First Creation on mama's pots and pans, my early inspirations are

My uncle Ron who gave me tips on drawing a horse, norman Rockwell and all the masters

I love to create from the adage the best things in life or free, I wouldn't call it nostalgic or maybe

it is, but hopefully it will remind one of simpler time, and the most simple things in life

we take for granit, the best things in life are free, I truly believe it, 

children at Play, fishing trip with family, sunrise, sunset, field of yellow flowers

fall days and water falls , old homes, churches and more

and in all my work you will find a hidden object

I like to use acrylic, Oil, water color and more, if I had to pick a favorite

I would say a common no# pencil seems I always have paper and pencil no matter where I am at

it is pratical and always available to me, well most of the time. yet I also love my time in my little 

studio with colors, I hope my art reaches out to your heart, and touches you with a pure

sweet , warm feeling don't forget look for the cross